:: The Courtyard@Livadia RPG ::

The Courtyard is dedicated to understanding and honoring the lives of Tsar Nikolai II's family. We socialize and create scenes on our trusty livejournal community. At the moment we are active but closed to new members; if you are interested in joining, stay tuned to the community and this page for more information.

Current Cast List:

*Anna - Olga Nikolaievna
*Kali - Tatiana Nikolaievna
Lanie - Maria Nikolaievna

Dasha - Anastasia Nikolaievna

Archives (read-only...no longer active):

We used to use an email list, and a BB at http://pub68.ezboard.com/bcourtyard94567. You can check out some of our work there, but realize that it is now an archive ONLY.

Old read-only, members-only email list: http://lists.livadia.org/listinfo.cgi/courtyard-livadia.org

Very old read-only, members-only email list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tsarskoe_Selo/

Class of November, 2003 (emeritus):

Erin - Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna
Kathi - Xenia Alexandrovna
*Lianne - Olga Nikolaievna
*Kali - Tatiana Nikolaievna
Jenna - Maria Nikolaievna
Lanie - Anastasia Nikolaievna
Angie - Alexei Nikolaievich
John - Klim Nagorny
Ruby - Lili Dehn & Shura

*Denotes Moderator

This page was last updated on July 7, 2007.