"In St. Petersburg we work, but at Livadia, we live."

~ Olga Nikolaievna Romanova

Welcome to livadia*org, our tribute to the Romanov children. Here, you'll find OTMAA's scrapbooks and various other interesting features. Enjoy your visit to the New Livadia Palace, and come back as often as you like!

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We girls, born as four but live as one,
Look curiously upon a world once familiar,
Where we used to walk through open fields,
But our souls have been taken captive.

Now all we can do is lie down and look up,
Listen as the wind calls,
Watch as the clouds gather.

The blue sky turns to black velvet,
As the storm settles upon our Kingdom,
And with our hearts and hands united
We realize that it is as God willed.

It was our destiny to Love and say goodbye.

~ Anna Thompson


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