Mashka's Photographic Scrapbook
Photograph Album III - ca. 1914-1917

Here are pictures of me, my sisters, and brother when I was older, in no rigid order. In 1915, when I turned sixteen years old, I became old enough to wear my hair up! If you want to see a larger version of a picture, please click on it!

OTMA posed formally Me, posed formally Me yet again Another formal shot...
Me, Tanya, Nastya, and Olishka posing in the Formal Reception Room, near a portrait of Mama, in 1914. Here is a formal pose of me, from 1914, I think. Another formal photograph of me taken in 1914. Here are Nastya and I - often known as the "Little Pair" - are posed formally in 1914. You may have noticed the chains below our strings of pearls. Those hold our baptismal crosses, which we always wore.
Anastasia and I Olishka and I Anastasia and I in Romania... Feeling wickery.
Another formal shot! 1914. Here are Olishka and I dressed up in furs. We're standing on Mama's balcony. We've taken so many pictures there! June, Constanza, Romania, 1914. No Prince Carol, thank you very much. With Tanya, Nastya, and Mama...spring, 1914, Livadia.
Me Me picking daisies Fountain Anastasia, Olya, Papa, and Tatia watch ME!
Here I am in the gardens at our palace at Livadia. The year was 1914. Me again, in the Crimea, picking daisies. Fountain. Yes. See the next picture... In the Crimea, 1914: Nastya, Olya, Papa, and Tanya wait for me to fall off the chair and into the water! I'm sure you're wondering what we were up to - and for the life of me, I still don't know for sure!
Mama and OTMA on deck Me with Olishka Me with Tatia and Olya Hospital Wounded
Mama, Me, Tanya, Olya, and Nastya on the deck of the Standart. Mama and Tanya are embroidering. Aren't Olishka and I sweet in our matching blouses? Me with Olishka in a boat, wearing matching blouses again. These pictures are mostly likely from 1914. I'm wearing my hair up, but we didn't cruise the Baltic in 1915 because of the War. Me, between Tanya and Olya, at the Palace Hospital. They are wearing their nurse's uniforms. During the war, Nastya and I were too young to serve as Red Cross nurses like our older sisters. Instead, we sponsored a hospital for wounded soldiers, which we visited regularly.
With Anastasia... Anastasia and I visit the hospital Anastasia and I with another wounded soldier Anastasia and I at the Palace Hospital
Still at the Hospital... At the Palace Hospital! Here is another picture of Nastya and I visiting a wounded soldier. Nastya and I at the Palace Hospital, surrounded by officers. OTMA in evening gowns Me in another lovely hat! Me again!
With Anastasia, Mama, and the Big Pair. This must have been a hospital photo session. This is a picture of OTMA in matching evening gowns, taken in 1915. Nastya is still too young for a long skirt and a grownup hairdo. I had a thing for hats... Here is a picture of me in my kimono robe.
Me and Olya Me OTMAA Me in a fun hat
Olya and I near the beach at Peterhof, on the Gulf of Finland, 1915. Me, on the terrace, in 1915. Recognize the dress? All of we children at home at Tsarskoe Selo, summer, 1915. Here is one of my favorite pictures of myself. It was taken by Mama on her balcony at the Alexander Palace.
The family in 1916 Hats! With Mitya and Anastasia... Me, Nastya, and Olya visiting Papa
OTMA with Mama and Papa in 1916. OTMA in fine hats and suits. Fooling around with our cousin Mitya and Nastya...near Mogilev. Me, Nastya, and Olishka are visiting Papa at army headquarters in Mogilev.
Nap! Silly! 1916... Mourning...
Napping, during a trip to HQ in Mogilev (Belorussia) to visit Papa. Nastya and I making our most cretinous facial expressions in Mama's Mauve Room, 1916. 1916, with Papa, Lyosha, and my sisters. Olishka, Tanya, and mourning.
Bald heads! Gardening with OTMA    
Nastya, Olishka, Alyosha, Me, and Tanya with shaven heads. Why did we have our heads shaved, you ask? Because we all got the measles in 1917, and our hair started falling out. Mama felt this would be the best way to encourage our hair to grow back. Me, Olya, Nastya, and Tanya taking a break during gardening on the grounds of the Alexander Palace, 1917. Jemmy, Nastya's dog, and Ortino, Tanya's French Bulldog, are with us. We planted this kitchen garden with Papa during our captivity.