:: OTMAA's Scrapbooks ::

Each scrapbook is written in first person, as if the children had put their own journals, art, and photo albums up on the web. We don't pretend to know any of the Imperial children personally, but we do think it's a fun intellectual exercise to try to get into their heads. We have striven to present these materials as they might have done it themselves.

Currently, Mashka's and Olishka's sections are finished. The other children's sections are on the way.

Olishka's Journal - Generally complete. By Kali.

Tanya's Diary - Generally complete. By Kali.

Mashka's Photographic Scrapbook - Generally complete. By Kali.

Ana's Art Studio - Something's up! By Lanie.

Alexei's Nursery - Coming soon. By Angie and Dasha.

Handy Chronology & Dates - Birthdays, name days, and a timeline.