As you may know, Nicholas II was quite interested in new technology--ie, the camera.  He also enjoyed watching movies, which he would have played at the Alexander Palace, at the New Livadia Palace, or even on the yacht Standart.  There were many films made of the Imperial Family, both ceremonial and at play.  Here are some I've collected myself to share with everyone.  Right click on the title and save the videos to your computer, please!  This takes up bandwith.  If you don't, I'll end up having to close this section of the site down.

1. The Imperial Family disembarking from a boat, c1910
2. The Grand Duchesses roller-skating on the deck of the Standart, c1910
3. The Imperial Family on a procession through the Kremlin, Moscow, 1912
4. The Imperial Family, sans Alexandra, at Mogilev, 1916